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Our customer service is available from Monday until Friday
From 10.00AM until 3.30PM and from 5.30PM until 7.00PM

Order informations, VoIP number for Italy: (+39) 02 89954300
German Customers (Deutsche Kunden): (+49) 177 5213766

The staff can be busy or engaged with other customers, in which case please be patient and call again after a few minutes.

General Informations / Administration / Shipping:
German Customers (Deutsche Kunden):
French Customers (Clientèle Française):

For every email message it is MANDATORY to use the address registered on the website, any email from different adresses won't be processed.

If a part or a tool is defective you must click on the RMA button in the main menu, login in our RMA dedicated website with the same email/password you use on our main site, and follow the simple instructions.

IMPORTANT: Please read carefully:

  • Tools and equipment sold on our website are intended for specialized technicians.
  • Our company might supply additional technical informations and support solely out of courtesy and following work commitments.
  • If you are not sure that you know, or know how to use what you are about to purchase, please do not do it.